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Clients’ Rave Reviews

Dr Carter is courteous and explains his procedures well. He asked me questions about my lifestyle and he seemed confident in the results he could offer me. I was very pleased with the overall process. Dr Carter’s associate doctor, Dr Otto (sp?) is very professional and courteous and has great bedside manner. I would have the procedure done all over again and then some.” – Froglady28

I had this procedure done two years ago by Dr. Carter at his location in Villa Rica, Ga. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am now 46 years old and still have the waist that Dr. Carter sculpted for me!!! If you are considering having this amazing procedure performed Dr. Carter and his staff are the best. He has great bedside manners and he really does care about your results.” – Rhianna

Dr Carter and his associate, Dr Otto(sp?) were very courteous and professional. Dr Carter explained the procedure and followed up with me over the weekend after the procedure. Dr Carter was thorough and caring. Dr Otto had great bedside manner and is just a very sweet natured doctor. I am very happy with the results so far; though its only been 4 days. I would recommend these guys to a friend or use them again myself. Thanks!!” – Amanda in Hampton GA

I found this place through a promotion. There are so many spas out there that I have found this being the best way to try them out. After going here, I will be a lifetime customer! I met with Rob who was extremely professional and geniunely interested in what areas I wanted to work on along with what he recommended would give me the best results. I had 3 laser treatments which improved my uneven complexion and a body wrap to reduce inches all over my body. He then introduced me to Dr Michael Carter for a consultation on Liposculpture. After having children, my upper and lower abdomen area had stretched so much that even through diet and exercise, I was unable to reach any results and had become quite depressed. I work full time and have two small children so a tummy tuck with a month in bed recupperation was not an option. Dr Carter was the first Surgeon to say we could reduce these areas through the Liposculpture process and after 3 days of recovery, I would be up and walking. It has only been 7 days and I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am already with the results!!!!! He has given me back my confidence and I actually am starting to feel attractive again. Thank you Dr Carter and Rob for everything you both have done for me!

My name is Sheila, I am 56 years old. I have been dealing with menopausal problems for about 8 years…. weight gain, irritability, hot flashes, loss of sexual desire etc. I have been to many different OBGYN Dr.’s asking for help. Every Dr. that I saw immediately put me on estrogen. I would try and take it but would gain more weight and still have most of the same issues along with some new ones. In October 2009, I saw Dr. Carter. He tested all my hormone levels and told me that my estrogen level was fine but my progesterone was low. All the previous Dr.’s were giving me estrogen when my body didn’t need it because they never tested my hormone levels.After getting on the right medication and some supplements that Dr. Carter had suggested, I saw an increase in my energy level and started exercising. I was feeling better and more energetic every day and because of the exercising and supplements I’ve lost 12 pounds! I feel better than I have felt in the past 8 years!If you are tired of feeling depressed, overweight, fatigued and just blah, get your hormone levels tested. Take Dr. Carter’s advice on the supplements, it will make a difference! You will begin to feel like yourself again!” – Sheila