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Liposuction Techniques

Liposuction Techniques Comparison

There are numerous liposuction techniques and devices on the market and more will continue to be developed. Let's look at the ones most known that have gained recognition through marketing campaigns.

Smart Lipo utilizes a tiny fiber optic glass cable that transmits laser energy to its tip to burn fat cells. Yes, it is effective at destroying fat cells but it is generally only for smaller individuals and targeted areas.

It takes an extremely long time to heat up a large amount of fat cells to eventually destroy them. The downside is that there is a potential for burns.

Vaser uses ultrasonic energy to heat and destroy fat cells. Again, it is effective with larger volumes of fat removal but there is a risk of burning the patient.

Aqua Lipo uses water pressure to numb the area and dislodge fat cells. This is the newest technique and although I have been trained in it, it remains an extremely new procedure with limited proof of results and complications. Aqua Lipo removes unwanted fat and is marketed as the best for fat transfer but marketing is not fact.

In my hands, fat extracted with a gentle syringe technique using small cannulas is more effective in preserving the integrity of fat cells to be transplanted in the buttocks, face or breast.

There will always be the next, greatest device offered to physicians. The techniques I have chosen focus on patient's safety and take the superior aesthetic results my patients receive to a new level. Does it take more of my time? Yes, certainly, but that cost is not passed on to my patients.

My patients receive tremendous, eye-appealing results at an extremely affordable price. Read Tumescent Liposuction to learn why I choose this method.

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