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Post image for Surgery Protocol Atlanta Liposuction

Surgery Protocol Atlanta Liposuction

My goal with a surgery protocol is your optimal results that transform your body and your health. This surgical protocol is a comprehensive plan for the very best surgical outcome.

Many things can thwart healing and weight loss goals that can be avoided by detection through laboratory screenings. Lab work determines if you have deficiencies that can be prevented. While not absolutely necessary if you are healthy and not on medications, it is highly recommended.

  1. Prior to surgery have labs drawn at LabCorp. The recommended screening tests and why this information is valuable for optimal results:
    • Chemistry and Insulin monitors your glucose, sodium and potassium balance. Glucose and Insulin levels are especially important for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or PCOS-Polycystic ovarian syndrome. If any of these determinations are positive, your weight loss efforts will be greatly reduced.
    • Blood Count will monitor if you have anemia that if low, affects your overall energy levels.
    • Liver panel monitors the function of your liver. The liver is the main organ to detoxify your body and if under-functioning, will keep toxins in and ultimately cause slower weight loss among other overall health concerns.
    • C-Reactive Protein monitors the level of inflammation within your body and if high indicates high levels of toxins that slow weight loss efforts and more importantly, a marker for increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
    • Homocysteine levels are another inflammation indicator. If high, optimal weight loss efforts will be thwarted and increase risk of cardiovascular disease
    • Magnesium is necessary for optimal cell function and to help your body run efficiently from a cardiovascular standpoint.
    • Thyroid levels – TSH, freeT3, T4, Reverse T3. This assessment is vital as many people are clinically HYPOthyroid even though the main tests may show normal levels. If your TSH is high normal and a high Reverse T3 with signs of hypothyroidism such as weight gain, feeling cold, tiredness, you will experience a significant slowing of weight loss if not corrected.
    • Vitamin D3 levels. The vast majority of the population is deficient in Vitamin D3 which creates a predisposition to increased risk of cancers, decreased immunity leading to frequent colds and flu and difficulty with weight loss.
    • Cholesterol profile measures “bad” cholesterol levels which is a marker for necessary dietary changes through natural supplementation.
  2. One day after procedure. Rest and hydrate throughout the day by drinking plenty of water. There will be leakage of fluid that requires replenishment. Continue Arnica for 1½ weeks until done.
  3. Begin Cardio4Life supplement. This supplement speeds healing, decreases inflammation, infection risk, blood clot risk and decreases pain. This supplement begins a natural regime that replenishes the body with necessary nutrients it has been lacking that speeds weight loss and well being. To read more about this supplement, click here.
    • AIO is a plant based nutrient scientifically proven to enhance your own stem cell function thereby increasing the health and efficiency of every cell in your body. To read more about this supplement, click here.
    • A high protein, low carbohydrate eating plan is highly recommended. Our clinics have weight loss plans that will help you reach weight loss goals.
  4. Three weeks after the procedure return to clinic to begin your weekly or biweekly professional level lymphatic drainage sessions. These sessions help decrease swelling and inflammation more effectively.
    • It is recommended having your hormone levels checked as abnormalities in any levels will upset the body’s delicate balance and thwart success full weight loss. To learn more, read Hormonal Weight Loss
  5. Four weeks and beyond after your procedure. After lymphatic drainage has been completed, focus on a low carbohydrate, high protein diet. You will lose the bulk of your weight the first 4 weeks; however, if you adhere to this plan, you’ll see more dramatic weight loss that will transform your body contours over the next six months.
    • book lowgi Surgery Protocol Atlanta Liposuction omron bodycomp Surgery Protocol Atlanta Liposuction

      To maintain a high metabolism, eat and drink water 5 to 6 times a day.

    • Consuming low carbs and high protein meals with protein shakes will inhibit storing of fat and develop lean muscle which is the fat burning furnace for men and women.
    • By following a low-glycemic diet plan you’ll jump start weight loss. A book we recommend is “The Low GI Diet Revolution: The Definitive Science-Based Weight Loss Plan.” Click here to purchase this book on Amazon.
    • Monitoring weight loss is vital. A body fat scale tracks your progress losing body fat and weight while increasing your lean muscle. I recommend Omron Full Body Composition Monitor with Scale which is one I use. To learn more about this scale, click here.

How well you heal and recuperate is dependent upon optimal nutrient status of your body. The more your body is nourished with essential nutrients, organic food, 8 to 10 glasses of water a day with daily exercise, the more you will achieve ultimate results of the procedure.

At this point after surgery, you can begin regular exercise.

I recommend an exercise regime created by Dr. Al Sears, “The Pace Program.” This program is based on interval training without high intensity. You begin slowly and over time, look and feel much healthier. Learn more about The Pace Program here.

My clinics have low carbohydrate high protein eating plans available. As an example, this is my daily eating plan:
Breakfast 7am – 4 slices turkey bacon, 2 boiled eggs, Action Whey Protein Shake, Water and coffee
Snack 10 am – Action Whey protein shake and water
Lunch 1pm Chicken salad or turkey sandwich on Natures Own Whole Grain Bread (Not whole wheat bread) and water
Snack 3pm Action Whey shake and water
Dinner 6pm – 2 to 3 pieces of baked or grilled chicken, green beans or salad with lite ranch dressing or oil and vinegar (bests) with water
Snack 9pm – Action Whey Shake and water
Whey Cool Protein is an organic, grass fed and hormone free non-denatured whey protein. Visit my supplement shop here for Whey Cool Protein.

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