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Body Wraps

Atlanta Body Wraps

Dextofying Wrap • European Body Wrap • Infrared Sauna
Treatment • Slimming Face Wrap • Foot Detox

Atlanta Medical Spas has a wide range of body wraps to choose from. Their signature and trademark is European Body Wrap and you’re sure to like the others, too!

Wraps are medical bandages soaked in an herbal solution then placed on your body. The herbs penetrate your cells through the pores and cleanse the cells of toxins. This is a detoxification process, not a water loss, therefore the inches that you lose will not come back as long as you maintain your weight. You can achieve inch loss as well as weight loss through our program. Most people lose two dress / pant sizes in just 10 – 14 visits!

Our body wraps are recommended in a series according to each client's individual goals. Best results are achieved when the first three visits are completed within a ten day period. Maximum results are achieved by combining the wraps with the Infrared Sauna treatments.

There are lots of different wraps available; however, our formulas are created by a cosmaceutical and scienceutical companies founded by medical professionals. Your results are immediate and guaranteed.

European Body Wrap $55

This herbal body wrap cleanses the body of toxins and is guaranteed to achieve a loss of 6 to 30 inches in one hour. This wrap also reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite and tones and tightens skin.

Detoxifying Wrap $70

This wrap uses the same effective ingredients as the European Body Wrap, but goes a step further by adding Vitamin K, Caffeine, Aminophylline, and triple the amount of Collagen. These extras stimulate your metabolism at the cellular level, making your inch loss even greater. The Caffeine and Collagen aid in firming the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Infrared Sauna Treatment $25

The Infrared Sauna Treatments are used to cleanse and heal the body, aiding in the detoxification process. Using the infrared heaters instead of steam gives better benefits without the risks.

The Infrared Sauna Treatment burns 500-800 calories per 30 minute session; improves skin ton and elasticity; purges toxins and heavy metals fro body aiding in inch loss and cellulite reduction.

Increase in blood circulation, Conditions the cardiovascular system, relieves pain cause form arthritis, back injuries, muscle strains, TMJ, headaches, etc. and relieves stress

Slimming Face Wrap $16

A wrap for slimming, toning and tightening under the chin

Foot Detox $35

The detoxifying foot bath is designed to restore the body's energy balance and jump start its natural detoxification process.  The foot detox bath helps improve chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches, pain, sensitivity to smells, arthritis, pesticide/herbicide poisoning, gout, constipation, insomnia, circulation, liver and kidney function.

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