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Body Contouring

Body Contouring and Body Sculpting in Atlanta

body contouring and body sculpting in Atlanta are simply terms that define a remarkable way to treat areas of the body that are persistent and stubborn fat deposits. These stubborn areas defy weight loss and extreme targeted exercise.

The most common method of body contouring is through liposuction or we can say liposuction is essentially body contouring.

Liposuction not only removes unwanted and stubborn fat, as a cosmetic surgeon, I am able to mold and sculpt your body to be proportional and smooth throughout your abdomen, arms, buttocks and other places on the body.

Body contouring with liposuction requires great skill and an artful understanding of the curvatures of the body. My method of body contouring is explained more thoroughly here tumescent liposuction.

Body contouring eliminates bulges, smoothes your torso to an elegant silhouette and prevents fat from redistributing or depositing to those trouble areas. Through tumescent liposuction, you’ll finally have the body you always wanted.

Body Image and Body Contouring

It is fact that we live in an incredibly body conscious society. Feeling uncomfortable with the appearance of your body produces anxiety and often limits participation in work and social related activities.

You’ll know you’re a candidate for body contouring if you find that cellulite, fat and excess skin prohibits you from wearing a bathing suit, playing sports or dressing for a night on the town.

Numerous studies have shown that cellulite treatment, excess skin and fat removal, liposuction and body contouring techniques ease common insecurities associated with an uncomfortable body image.

Liposuction is not an effective technique for overall weight loss. It is most effective and produces the best results in conjunction with a healthy, sensible diet, exercise and supplementation.

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